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Meet Kimmie

About Us

Safi Creations is the work of creative mind, Kim Lemard. With her roots in both France and Africa she draws from these cultures to create products that are not only luxurious but also good for you! The company's slogan says it best: "Look Good! Feel Great!"

The company was birthed after Kim realized there were no companies making natural beauty goods for those who wanted high quality without harmful chemicals or toxins like parabens (synthetic preservatives), fragrances etc., which often present whenever these types if manufacturing practices happen too much even though they're not needed due how well our bodies absorb them nowadays.

As someone who wants clean beauty without any harsh chemicals or extravagant prices attached, Kim's goal at Safi creations is to give you handmade, organic products that work for your skin; giving customers genuine benefits and affordability.


What Clients Say


Safi creations is founded by Kim Lemard who draws on her roots and heritage to craft new products to meet health, wellness and beauty. Safi promises to give you genuinely handmade skin, hair, and accessory products that perform well and organic luxurious ingredients you can trust. 

M. Spittler

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